Teacher Management

My School Campus helps teachers manage class duties efficiently. An improved teacher parent communication system enables collaboration for better growth of students.

Send class or student notification

Send class or student notifications

Use app messaging or the SMS service to send notifications to specific students or the whole class. Make sure absentee students stay informed.

Schedule class events on calendar

Planning a special class event? Want to let the parents know? Add the event on the class calendar and send out an SMS to keep them in the loop.


message peers

Message peers

Communicate with peers via the app. Share information and discuss class related matters quickly for timely action.

Set class timetables

Teachers can use the school management software to set timetables for their classes and share it with students and parents.



Quick and trackable attendance

Take attendance on the app or on Excel templates. Track absenteeism (keep parents in the know) with a click of a button. View student reports anytime.

Generate report cards efficiently

Generate reports quickly via My School Campus’ predefined templates. Upload test scores for each student and send reports out instantly.

generate report cards efficiently


View authorized reports

View authorized class and student level reports anytime, anywhere. Take quick action based on information.

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