Student/Parent Management

Parents and students can access school management software features anytime,, anywhere. No more missed communication with real-time SMS and app notifications.


Timely SMS, app and email notifications

Build stronger parent-school relationships by building a responsive and responsible culture. Communicate effectively with SMS, email and app notifications.

Simplified communication with teachers

Communicate and collaborate with teachers through notifications and app messaging. Parents and students can reach out to specific teachers for clarifications and issues.



Place orders through online school store

Save parents’ time by making store purchases easy. Showcase store inventory on the app for online order bookings.

Anytime access to student information

Syllabus, timetable, homework, report card, attendance or events – have parents and students access information on mobile and web.



Receive real-time notifications on bus route

View the current location of the bus on the Android mobile app. Get notified when your child boards the bus or gets off with the school bus GPS tracking system.

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