Our Value

My School Campus, low cost school management software, helps all education stakeholders – school administrators, faculty, students and parents – achieve more with less.

cost effective solutions

Cost-effective solution

Our subscription model makes My School Campus one of the best priced school management software in India. As its cloud based, you pay ZERO for IT infra, management, implementation and upgrades. Plus you save paper and printing costs.

Simplified back office management

Never was school management so effortless and stress-free – with paperless notifications, quick reporting, easy record management and performance tracking.

Simplified back office management


Optimize productivity

Do more in less time. That’s the edge to competitiveness. Get instant access to school, class and student reports for informed decision making.

Support eco-friendliness

Establish your pro-environment status. Replace traditional printed reports with digital media – save paper while making information exchange more meaningful.

support ecofriendly

efficiency and accuracy

Efficiency and accuracy

Reduce possibilities of human error with data verification and automated processes. Minimize rework and grievances related to inaccuracies.

Brand loyalty

Earn the loyalty of faculty, parents and students by enabling a productive educational environment. Reduce teacher attrition by enabling them with technology.

brand loyalty

competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

Stay relevant in the fast-paced era of technology. Get ahead of competition with technology that simplifies lives.

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Find out how you too can leverage My School Campus for savings, productivity and smiles all around! Take your school management online!