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With the introduction of the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) system into CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), schools have to maintain a regular and in-depth record of students’ activities and tests. The process of managing this highly intensive data without errors is an extremely challenging one. Handling this process smoothly can be easily done with a cloud based school management system.

The CCE system in CBSE schools is designed to deliver a complete learning programme for students that goes beyond traditional learning-by-rote patterns. The CCE system involves periodic projects, tests, and co-curricular activities as an approach to reduce examination stress on students. However, it does need significant and frequent data recording, analysis and evaluation by teachers.

How then does technology simplify the process for CBSE schools?

Before that, let’s understand what the CCE system means for teachers.

Teacher responsibilities under CCE system

Teachers in a CCE system need to:

CCE system for CBSE schools

Teachers to plan interactive projects under CCE system

  • Plan tests and co-curricular activities for students
  • Schedule regular assignments, tests, and projects for students
  • Grade students on the activities assigned regularly
  • Record and track each student’s performance throughout the year
  • Inform parents of the student’s performance on a regular basis
  • Generate report cards

These tasks consume a good part of teachers’ time and effort. To deliver efficiently, teachers need to plan weeks or months ahead while detailing the students’ performance simultaneously. It’s not uncommon for inaccuracies to slip into the process as teachers play the balancing act.

In today’s increasingly competitive world, a small error in evaluation can severely impact a student’s future. Moreover, it can backlash on the school’s reputation.

It has become imperative for schools to look at solutions that will make the CCE system a win-win for both teachers and students.

Leveraging a cloud based school management system for quick and easy CCE compliance

A cloud based school management system comes with a host of features to help teachers manage their class and student responsibilities with added tasks related to the CCE system. Some of these features are:

Online ERP for grading

Teachers can easily manage tasks through web enabled devices

  • Setting timetables and assessment schedules in advance
  • Communicating the information to parents and students instantly
  • Enabling 24×7 accessibility to the school system from any internet enabled device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Enabling timely communication between school authorities, faculty, parents and students
  • Ensuring a digital history of all students assessments
  • Enabling submission of test scores for automatic grading
  • Automatic report card generation
  • Sending personalized communication to individual students and parents
  • Ensuring 100% receipt of school communication via email and SMS

For a system as comprehensive as the CCE, having a cloud based school management system helps tremendously. The point of CCE system is to ensure the all round development of a student’s personality. The cause is lost if teachers feel burdened rather than enabled by the system.

With a cloud based school management system, schools can curb the resistance and lip-service and help teachers’ balance their regular duties with the CCE system.

Parallel advantages of an online school ERP

Apart from enabling teachers to better implement the CCE system, an online school management system will help in:

Cloud based school management system reduces paperwork

Digital records = Reduced paperwork for teachers

  • Reducing printing and production costs by a good margin
  • Minimizing paperwork for teachers
  • Ensuring technical freedom – zero IT, infra, installation costs or time and automatic, free upgrades
  • Enabling central access to one solution for Principal, administrators, faculty, parents and students

My School Campus is a cloud based school management system that solves the challenges of the CCE system. It comes with Premium support, zero lock in period, and affordable flexible pricing for schools of all strata to get aboard. Scale the CCE system and promote quality education in your school.

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