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In order to provide quality education and deliver exceptional performance, schools are increasingly turning to technology based school management solutions. A technology solution that fits a school’s needs perfectly is an ideal choice. A key question asked by most educators before choosing a solution is,”What’s the Return On Investment (ROI)?” We look into how technology goes beyond being just cost-effective.

In our previous post we talked about how schools need to choose the right technology service provider for a smooth and painless experience. Though schools are now eager to invest in a technology solution they are unsure of the return on investment (ROI).

We know that schools can achieve more with less by investing in a technology solution like an online ERP system. Let’s see how.

Advantages of an online school ERP

An online ERP or cloud based school management system offers a host of advantages including:

  • Automating tasks thereby saving time and effort
  • Optimizing uptime and productivity with automated tools
  • Accessibility from any internet enabled device – desktop, laptop and mobile
  • Reducing IT head count as it is cloud based
  • Eliminating human intervention, resulting in fewer errors and less lag time
  • Investment of zero IT, infra, installation costs
  • Zero manual upgrading

You can have a closer look at the benefits of an online school information management system in our earlier article ‘Empowering educators with school management system’.

The above points show that an online ERP addresses the challenges educators face and significantly improves daily operations. But how does this translate into ROI?

Maximizing ROI with an online ERP system

Positive ROI with cloud based school management system

Schools can chart a good ROI by investing in an Online ERP System. Photo courtesy: pbs.twimg

The best way to capture the ROI of an online ERP is by exploring its features:

  • Saves time and increases efficiency: A process that would take a teacher 2-4 hours to complete can be done in a minute. Board reports that are sent out usually take 2-3 staff members working over 3-4 days. This can be handled by one staff member in a few minutes. Teachers’ billable time can be utilized much more productively.
  • Streamlines processes and communication: Administrators and teachers can centrally manage school tasks and avoid long hours after school by logging in from any web browser on mobile or desktop. Absentees’ parents can be immediately informed via an automatic SMS. Notices, class updates and reports can all be shared instantly through automated notifications, SMS or email.
  • No IT, installation, maintenance costs: Hosted on the web, schools can save up on dedicated IT personnel, installation, and maintenance costs. Moreover, schools can avail these services 24×7 including support.
  • Reduces human errors: Automation of tasks reduce human errors thus saving hours of duplicated effort and time.
  • Frees up staff & promotes clutter-free environment: The school staff is freed from long hours at the desk with automated functions. Count of staff can also be reduced as activities can be carried out online with minimal effort. Paperwork goes down drastically.
  • Saves printing and production costs: Generation of reports, digital communication, online updates, and in-house ID card design reduces paper and printing costs by a large degree, ensuring a green, eco-friendly school.

Integrating a cloud based school management system empowers schools to streamline work processes for a unified functioning leading to improved education quality and performance.

Engaging maximum ROI with online ERP

A cloud based school management system provides a seamless experience that alleviates several challenges educators face. It involves a one-time cost that proves strong value within the first few weeks of implementation itself. An online ERP system secures a positive ROI while also offering complete end user satisfaction not just for the school but also for parents and students. What better way to build a strong, industry-ready school?

Vanessa is a passionate writer with a deep interest in technology innovation in education. She loves to dabble in philosophy and life and turn her observations into flowing words. She is a regular blogger at My School Campus and the wordsmith behind a lot of stuff on our site.