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A child’s safety during school hours is a priority for parents. Ensuring safety for over hundred students is a challenge for school authorities. An online school management system easily overpowers this challenge.

The safety of children has been a troubling issue since decades. Incidents of corporal punishment, kidnapping, and errant school bus employees have evoked parent’s view on safety of their child at school. With children spending considerable time in school it is important for schools to implement safety measures for students. An online school management system is a tool that assures student safety.

What are the functions of an online school management system?

Simply put, an online school management system or online school ERP system like My School Campus (MSC) streamlines school operations and boosts efficiency. It manages school processes with digital records of school and student details. Besides these, it also:

  • Fast-tracks admission process
  • Automates exam process and reports
  • Secures safety of students with real-time school bus GPS tracking system
  • Sends instant notifications about student attendance, student’s bus boarding details, medical or other emergencies to parents

How an online school management system ensures student safety

secure student safety with online school management system

Child’s safety – A priority for parents. PC: plegroup

There is just so much a school leader or admin can supervise during school time. With every second task as important as the next, keeping a check on every detail becomes a tall order. This is where an online school management system comes in. Its range of features from admission management to school bus GPS tracking system deftly manages the tiniest details of school operations.


Accurate information during registration process

Parents and school admin can verify that accurate student information is provided and entered during the registration process. Parents should keep the admin updated about any new changes regarding student details like new home address or telephone number. School admin in place should update the changes in the system.

An online school management system automatically uses these details in managing student’s attendance, sending notifications to parents, bus tracking, and emergencies. Schools can further ensure students safety for outdoor events like picnics or programs by confirming student’s medical issues and allergies with parents through the mobile app.


Automatic SMS notifications to parents

Teachers can instantly send student’s attendance status, bus boarding details, and urgent messages to parents through the online school management system’s automatic SMS feature.

In today’s age of instant communication, the school admin and teachers can communicate with parents in real-time through the online school management system from any web browser or mobile app.


Real-time school bus GPS tracking system

Real-time school bus GPS tracking system

Alerts on real-time bus location sent to parents

This feature reassures anxious parents about their child’s boarding and drop off status from the school bus. Parents and school admin can also view the real-time location of the bus. Parents, additionally, receive an alert when their child boards the bus and when is dropped off at the designated bus stop.

With the school bus GPS tracking system of My School Campus, school bus attendants digitally mark when the student boards the bus automatically sending out an SMS to parents. School admin and parents are also alerted in case of bus delays thus avoiding chaotic scenes of worried parents calling the school for information.


Schools need not worry about breach in security online. Based on the cloud, the software has a robust security in place that defends attack from bugs or viruses. An online school management system asserts the school’s commitment to student’s safety. It drives a bond of faith and trust between school and parents. More than that, an online school management system is a reliable security for children.

Vanessa is a passionate writer with a deep interest in technology innovation in education. She loves to dabble in philosophy and life and turn her observations into flowing words. She is a regular blogger at My School Campus and the wordsmith behind a lot of stuff on our site.