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Every parent seeks a school whose education quality matches what they have in mind. In this endeavour, parents also lay stress on a school’s effective communication. Schools need to know what exactly parents want from them concerning these two factors which are essential for a student’s academic success. 

Earlier, parents viewed education as more of a rite of passage. Today’s parents view education as a stepping stone to a great future. This is probably the reason why parents are careful to choose a school for their child. They look for a school that provides quality education and efficient communication. But what exactly do these two factors involve?

Quality education parents seek

At first thought you may feel that quality of education is a unified element in every parents mind, but there are sub-categories within this. Here are the varied types of quality education that parents seek:

parents choose STEM education

Parents choose a school that matches their goals

  • High academic scores: Parents look for a school that emphasize on test scores and high performance. Parents who have academically driven children or who push them to perform well fall into this category.
  • Preparation for a top-tier institution: With the goal of their child attending a top-tier educational institution, parents seek a school with high merits that meet the standard required for acceptance into a premier college.
  • Emphasis on being a citizen: There are some parents who want a school that guides the child into emerging as a true citizen of the world by highlighting democratic and leadership qualities.
  • Global integration: Liberal parents look to expose their child to diverse cultures. They look for a school where their child learns to work in tandem with children of different cultures and ethnicities.
  • Learn and work programs: Schools that offer vocational or job-related programs are sought by parents who want their child to learn and have practical exposure to the world.
  • Exposure to creativity: Anything to do with creativity – arts or music are what some parents seek in a school. Creative expression of their child’s talent or to hone them into being creative is what these parents want.
  • Conducive learning environment: A school atmosphere that supports healthy learning and delivers personalized attention to each student hits the mark with parents. Teachers who understand, engage and encourage a child, along with project-based and group projects, and interesting lessons are what parents look for in a school.
  • STEM-based: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is gaining attention. Parents are keen on their child receiving an education that prepares them for a future in STEM career paths.

Quality education is not the only parameter for parents selecting a school. Effective communication from the school is also a determining factor for them.

School communication – what and how parents want it

My earlier post, Bridging Parent School Relationships with Technology took a look at parent’s communication expectations from schools. Here is a short recapitulation on what communication parents want from schools and how.

school management system sends automatic notifications on phone

Schools can communicate in real-time with parents through a school management system. PC

What parents want schools to communicate:

  • Updates on their child’s progress
  • Timely notice when performance is dipping
  • A summary of lessons set for the year
  • Information on academic policies
  • Curriculum descriptions
  • Calendar of school events and meetings
  • Educational/syllabus changes and updates

 How parents want schools to communicate:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Phone call or Voice messaging system
  • Online portal
  • School eNewsletter
  • School website
  • Social media

In today’s tech-savvy times, every parent has at least one web-enabled device (mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop). Schools can effectively communicate important information in real-time to parents through a cloud-based school management system like My School Campus from any web browser or mobile app. School leaders, administrators and teachers can send automatic notifications, messages, and alerts to parents. This will ensure timely and accurate communication between school and parents that can further aid the overall development of the student.


To conclude, each parent will select a school based on few broad parameters like the ones mentioned in this post. A school that exudes excellence, quality, transparency, and reliability in all aspects adds impetus for a parent to invest in it for their child’s education and future.

Vanessa is a passionate writer with a deep interest in technology innovation in education. She loves to dabble in philosophy and life and turn her observations into flowing words. She is a regular blogger at My School Campus and the wordsmith behind a lot of stuff on our site.