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The new school assessment programme proposed in Budget 2014-15 could become a disqualification factor for schools not giving it due thought. But for future ready schools, the change could get a lot easier to facilitate, execute and measure with an online school management system.

If you have been following Budget 2014-15, you’ll know that the government has advocated the allocation of Rs. 30 crore for the School Assessment Programme. The goal of the programme would be to evaluate the educational quality of schools by tracking and measuring teaching quality and student performance.

What will schools be assessed upon?

The School Assessment Program will look into the following factors in regards to a school:

  • Student learning outcomes
  • Quality of teaching by teachers
  • Student co-scholastic learning outcomes

What will the School Assessment Programme process consist of?

The exact specifications of the school assessment program will be revealed in time. But, at a safe guess, school assessment will consider the following elements (at least):

  • Efficiency of setting tests, projects, homework, and tasks for students
  • Grading of students’ performance
  • Efficacy of communicating student assessments to students, parents, and school community
  • Timely generation and distribution of student assessment reports
  • Timely generation and distribution of annual assessment reports
  • Adherence to regional, state or central guidelines for educational bodies
School ERP for easy update

School authorities and faculty can easily update tasks online

It seems like a lot and it probably will be for most schools that have staff working long hours and Saturdays. We talked earlier about how schools are resistant to change because of work pressure (Empowering Educators with Online School Management Systems).

However, there is no escape for schools. Thankfully, technology offers a solution. Or more specifically, an online school information management system with the right features and approach.

What seems to be an exhausting process can be accomplished with minimal imposition of time, cost and effort.

What does an online cloud based school management system enable?

Consider the following scenarios and see how online cloud based school management system helps:

  • Teachers can set and upload tests, projects, homework and tasks for classes online from anywhere (at home) and anytime (after or before school hours)
  • Teachers and school administrators can send automatic notifications to students and parents
  • Teachers and administrators can promptly generate student assessment report cards based on outcomes
  • Parents and students can view assessment report generated
  • Teachers and administrators can directly share student and school reports with school board
  • Teachers, administrators and parents can access student assessment reports from the web or mobile

How will an online cloud based school management system help?

An online cloud based school management system helps the school:

  • Effectively reduce manual labour, especially for teachers
  • Enable anytime, anywhere accessibility – view, edit and upload school information
  • Minimize errors in documentation
  • Increase productivity – staff can achieve more in the same amount of time
  • Alleviate the pain of manual installations and IT infra
  • Leverage latest technology and resource saving features with automatic upgrades

With a cloud based school management system powering your school, you can not only implement a school assessment process well but also become a role model for other schools. Tracking student’s performance, evaluating teaching quality, and assessing your school’s outcome become simpler and more manageable tasks.

Reduce workload on teachers, simplify tasks, enable paper-free workflows, and boost productivity with a cloud based school management system. My School Campus offers you the simplest route to adopt technology in the most affordable and efficient manner. Get in touch.

Vanessa is a passionate writer with a deep interest in technology innovation in education. She loves to dabble in philosophy and life and turn her observations into flowing words. She is a regular blogger at My School Campus and the wordsmith behind a lot of stuff on our site.