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In the digital world of today, mobile phones are invaluable gadgets in people’s lives. Schools can leverage this device to turn things around. Connecting to parents via mobile phone to share vital information and to reach out instantly to them during emergencies is a step in the right direction for promoting smooth, timely communication.

How many times have you experienced this? A sudden heavy downpour or closure of school for the day due to unforeseen circumstances that immediately brings on a spate of frantic efforts to inform parents as well as panicked parents inundating the school with calls.

Many of us have experienced times when a sudden unforeseen circumstance causes the school to close for the day leading to utter mayhem in communication between the school and parents. Frantic efforts on the school’s part to inform parents and panicked parents inundating the school with calls ensue in this case. In emergency situations like these, precious time is lost and chances of miscommunication are high.

But, what if you can instantly contact parents and communicate important matters in real-time? What if you could provide parents the security and guarantee of timely communication of school matters? What this can be managed via a mobile phone?

Digital communication – parent’s choice

In my earlier article ‘Bridging Parent School Relationships with Technology’ you will see that parents prefer receiving communication through email, SMS and phone call. Schools can easily ensure this through an online school ERP.

The mobile phone is one gadget that hardly leaves anyone’s side these days. An online school ERP can be accessed from any web-enabled device. Even better is that an online school ERP mobile app delivers communication faster. This is exactly where administrators can make their move and keep parents updated about school information, events or student performance.

Reach out to parents via online school ERP

Schools can quickly inform parents about the following through messages and notifications to their mobile phones via web or an online school ERP mobile app installed:

online school ERP bridges parent teacher communication gap

Parents find it convenient to access school data on their mobile phones. PC: huffington

  • Parents can be notified through SMS or a notification about a sudden holiday due to political events, strikes, or climatic urgency.
  • In the case of school bus breakdown, teachers can instantly inform parents about the location and the steps being taken to safely reach the students to their destinations. No room for panicked phone calls here.
  • Update parents about rescheduling of events through SMS or a notification. Parents will appreciate the schools thoughtfulness and respect for their time.
  • Teachers and parents can easily collaborate via an online school ERP mobile app. Parents can view the curriculum, homework, assignments and projects set by the teacher online. Notifications and messages about the tasks doubly ensure that parents don’t miss the information.
  • Keep parents informed about exam and timetable schedules through email, SMS or notification.
  • Timely updates about their ward’s performance can be shared over a short message, a phone call, or an email. Parents can help teachers address problem areas of the student through this information sharing.
  • End exam result anxiety of parents by delivering the performance report online and notifying parents about it.

Advantages of mobile communication via online school ERP

Connecting through an online school ERP mobile app has its share of advantages like:

Message from teacher

It is easy for parents to check a notification or SMS sent by teachers through an online school ERP.

  • 100% communication delivery: A parent may miss out on an email, but chances of missing an SMS or notification is much lower. They are bound to view the information from at least one communication channel.
  • Saves time of parent & staff: In cases of emergencies, time is saved by connecting instantly with parents through SMS, notification or call. Staff too can send SMS/notification to parents at one go.
  • Shows school’s commitment: A school that values parents by establishing regular communication about school and student, as well as guaranteeing prompt information serves to show the school’s commitment.
  • Enhances parent’s convenience: Parents need not be a harried lot worrying about their ward. Real time communication from the school instills satisfaction and faith in them. Parents now don’t have to run from pillar to post for information but instead can receive it wherever they are.
  • Parents appreciate school’s promptness: Parents appreciate a proactive school that readily and promptly delivers immediate updates to them. It is a relief for them to not have to struggle to get in touch with the school or teachers to receive information but to instead get it right on their mobile screens.
  • Message can be sent out without staff having to trudge to office: In case of holiday being declared due to political or climate scenarios, staff can send out messages from the mobile app if they are at home.

Schools must promote reliable and instant communication with parents. Communicating to parents through an online school ERP mobile app improves collaboration and relationship between parents and schools. Integrating an online school ERP like My School Campus helps schools achieve this.

Satisfied parents is one of the key components to a successful school. Parents whose convenience is looked after by a school engages them toward a stronger bond with the school. A school that gauges and understands a parent’s needs and delivers them gains the trust and cooperation of parents. Isn’t it a valuable element for the school?

Vanessa is a passionate writer with a deep interest in technology innovation in education. She loves to dabble in philosophy and life and turn her observations into flowing words. She is a regular blogger at My School Campus and the wordsmith behind a lot of stuff on our site.