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Teachers are the backbone of education. The stress and demands on teachers though is severely affecting learning outcomes across schools. EdTech tools serve as a support for teachers to optimize their time and effort.

It is said that there is no greater role than a teacher’s. The role of a teacher is as daunting as it is important. Even before the school bell rings, a teacher has planned her lessons, tasks and work for the day. As soon as the day starts, a teacher is inundated with lessons, teachings, attendance, class management, administrative tasks, grading and parent interactions.

So many tasks, so little time.

Teachers work can be made easier with the inclusion of education technology (EdTech) tools. Each of these tools save time and effort, automate tasks, streamlines processes or improves efficiency and more. Before we understand how incorporating EdTech tools benefits teachers, let’s understand a teacher’s responsibilities in more detail.

In a survey presented on the site Experience, a teacher’s time is spent thus:

Segments (as per findings by Experience)

Public School

Private Day School

Classroom Preparation



Teaching in the Classroom



Grading Student Work






Personal Attention to Students



Coaching/ Extracurricular Activities



Parent Interaction



Preparation for classroom, teaching and grading are the most time-consuming tasks and understandably so. However, don’t disregard the 10-15% allocation for administrative duties. All these tasks can be optimized with technology, leaving the teacher more time to focus on teaching.

Improving learning outcomes with the ‘flipped’ classroom

Preparation for classroom involves intensive research, careful planning and efficient execution. Activities that engage the students and encourage them to think and learn better are at the core of this aspect. A teacher must set aside exclusive time for classroom preparation to come up with ideas and an innovative approach.

Teachers can apply the Flipped Classroom to execute their plans efficiently. This encourages classroom participation, interaction and learning. The teacher sets the theme for the lesson in class, the students work on it at home, and the theme is explored next day in the classroom. This approach leaves the teacher more room to explore more themes and initiate other fun learning activities to increase retention of lessons learned.

Effective classroom management with online school ERP

This is probably where the major challenge for teachers lies. Managing a class includes marking attendance, dealing with homework and assignment process, and performing few administrative tasks. These take up at least a third of class time. This can be reduced drastically with an online school ERP like My School Campus.

With an online school ERP, teachers can digitally mark attendance, send out automatic notification going out to the absentee student’s parents, set homework and assignments and automate administrative duties such as reporting. They can do this from any web-enabled device like a mobile, tablet or laptop from home, office or on the go.

Saving time and effort with digital records and automated reports

With the number of tests, assignments, projects and examinations, a teacher’s time is filled with grading and evaluating student performance. Additionally, a teacher has to maintain student records and create reports from time to time.

Again, an online school ERP featuring a reports module can ease the stress. Teachers can update grades, send this information to parents digitally via email or app notifications. With the grades on digital media, evaluation becomes easier and faster. Reports can be generated within seconds as all necessary details are already uploaded. 

Doing more with less by saving administrative time and effort

Faculty, school and parent meetings along with class and student documentation make up the administrative duties for a teacher. Teachers can send regular updates concerning class, school and student information to parents via SMS, phone call or email to avoid prolonged discussions in parent teacher meetings.

Teachers can replace endless paperwork with digital documentation. Storing essential data online also means quick access to all records, and easy sharing with colleagues and authorities. Thus a large margin of time and effort is saved through this medium.

Enriching student learning with greater personalized attention students

EdTech tools like interactive smartboards, flipped classroom, digital learning aids and interactive reading websites generate interest and participation of students in lessons. As students put in more learning time from home, teachers can address their queries in class and have interactive discussions in class. Teachers can focus more on students who need a helping hand with learning.

Instant and assured parent notifications

Education is achieved not just indoors but outdoor too. Teachers have the responsibility of planning, scheduling and managing extracurricular activities for the students. This also brings in notifying parents about class or school events planned.

Instead of the traditional diary notices which may not be communicated to the parents in time, teachers can use an online school ERP to schedule an event and send an automated SMS or notification to parents. Making it even simpler is the ability to send the real-time information to parents of students of a particular class, or to all the parents depending if it is a class event or school event, respectively.

Real-time parent-teacher communication

Parent-teacher communication is key to a student’s academic growth and performance. Timely updates about a student between both parties to each other are essential. Teachers must notify a student’s parents if their ward is facing difficulty in learning or if a teacher feels that parental involvement will aid the student’s learning experience. Parents can check regular updates from the teacher via the online school ERP through any browser or mobile app. Parent-teacher meetings can be scheduled twice a year to discuss the student’s academic progress.


With the right EdTech tool in hand, teachers can redefine their work strategy and assign more time to delivering quality education to students. They can manage time, responsibilities, teaching processes and interactions more effectively leading to a healthier atmosphere for the teachers and students alike.

Vanessa is a passionate writer with a deep interest in technology innovation in education. She loves to dabble in philosophy and life and turn her observations into flowing words. She is a regular blogger at My School Campus and the wordsmith behind a lot of stuff on our site.