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Cloud based school management systems are the answer to overburdened schools’ prayers. They are cost-effective, require zero maintenance, and enable anytime connectivity for all stakeholders – admin, staff, parents and students.

Technology has pervaded every sphere of industry and business. But schools are still lagging behind. In the internet era where most students and parents own smartphones or at the very least a feature phone with data connectivity, schools can’t afford complacency – not even in India.

Where schools that don’t adapt to the changing environment will soon become lost, those leveraging smart technology solutions will take it all away with better services for parents, students and their employees – teaching and non-teaching staff.

Challenges faced by schools

Schools are typically resistant to change. Their administrative staff and faculty are already overburdened and operational staff is constantly multi-tasking. As a result, errors are commonplace as are parent grievances over inefficient processes. Schools are just too busy keeping up with everyday tasks to be future ready.

Educators in schools need to think differently today. Evaluate the impact of change. What if a change could optimize existing workflows with near minimal effort? What if the change creates efficiencies that allow staff and admin to focus on core tasks – teaching, management and the growth of the school?

It’s not a pipe dream, believe me.

Online school management systems reduce stress

School admins are already overworked

What ails traditional school management?

The traditional education system suffers from:

  • tremendous paperwork
  • manual labour
  • overburdened staff
  • communication lapses between school and parents
  • lack of transparency

Pros of technology in education

Many educational organizations in India are adopting technology in the form of:

  • on premise management systems (software installed on school servers, accessible only within school)
  • e-learning
  • visual learning aids
  • SMS campaigns
  • video lessons

But what’s the most revolutionary?

It’s the cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or cloud based school management system. This system has universal application across schools of all sizes, regions, and economic brackets.

School Management System on Cloud

Access school management system on mobile devices

Why cloud based school management systems?

Client server models of school ERPs need dedicated IT personnel to operate them. Both IT installation and maintenance costs become dissuading factors.

Cloud based ERPs on the other hand need no IT setup. They come with zero IT cost, zero installation, and zero upgradation headaches. Not only are they cost-effective, they enable anytime, anywhere access to school information. All one needs is the internet and a browser – on desktop, laptop or any mobile device – and you’re good to go.

Schools must integrate technology to stay competitive and agile. A  cloud-based school management system is a smart investment on the road to reaching standards of excellence.

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