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Typically, school admission processes are long drawn and herculean in nature. Browsing endless applications, distributing forms, verifying documentation, selecting likely candidates and answering endless queries from parents and students – it’s a lot of work that saps teaching and non-teaching staff’s time and energy. And despite it all, inaccuracies slip in leading to more parent grievances and hot tempers flying.

Is there a better way? Yes.

An online student registration system that eases the pain out of the traditional process.

Automate admission process with online school management system

Serpentine queue – A bane of school admission. Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Drawbacks of traditional student admission process

  • Informing parents via notice boards or school website
  • Manually distributing admission forms at school
  • Manual collection and verification of documents
  • Manual short listing of candidates
  • One-on-one or unorganized communication with parents
  • Misplacement of documents is common
  • Managing parents, students, documents, deadlines, and authorities becomes messy

Revolutionizing the admission process

Imagine tracking applications minus the noise and distraction. Wouldn’t it be faster to verify, select and follow up with candidates online? What if you could do this from your web or mobile browser and not be restricted to the desk at school?

8 reasons online school admission systems work:

  1. Accessible anytime, anywhere on web or mobile
  2. Real-time notifications, alerts and messages to parents and students
  3. Offer transparency
  4. Minimize errors in documentation and data
  5. Allow you to view, edit and upload data anytime, anywhere
  6. Save energy, time and cost
  7. Do not involve manual installation or IT set-up
  8. Access to latest resource saving features with automatic upgrades
Online registration for admission with online school ERP

Make registration easier & faster – go online.

A cloud based ERP for admission process management is paperless, efficient, eases workload, and simplifies tasks. It is a solution that offers optimum convenience to staff and parents. Streamline the admission process with the online school administration system. Steam-roller ahead digitally!

If you have long suffered from the headache of managing admissions, try the cloud based ERP / school information management system.

Our school management system is as affordable as it can get – offering you a pay-as-you-go subscription model. Get in touch.

Confidently say goodbye to the admission madness!

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