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iPad equipped classrooms are becoming a norm now. Classroom learning can be taken to the next level with the right iPad apps. Functional, user-friendly, and interactive, iPad apps are an ideal tool for effective learning among students.

My previous post dealt with 10 Android applications for effective classroom learning. This post is directed for schools who have adopted iPads in the classrooms for learning. iPads are user-friendly and reliable devices that makes it easy for students to operate. Schools must implement iPad apps that pique student’s interest in lessons, boosts creativity, expression, and promotes interaction in class.

10 iPad apps for effective classroom learning

iPad Apps for the classroom

There are a number of iPad applications for education that fit unique requirements. I have selected below 10 iPad apps designed to fit the most common needs of students in class:

  1. Shadow Puppet Edu: This is a great app where students can create videos to narrate stories, explain concepts, or record their learnings. The app supplements the video with text overlay, background music and drawing on screen. This app raises student’s confidence, oratory skill, and presentation.
iPad app for classroom learning

Students can record videos explaining lessons. PC: mzstatic


  1. Brainfeed: This attractive educational video app presents entertaining and informative educational videos that seamlessly blend learning. The most boring lessons are made interesting in this and captures a student’s undivided attention.

    iPad app for classroom learning

    Boost students learning with Brainfeed’s interesting educational videos. PC: mzstatic


  1. Raz-Kids: A student’s paradise with worksheets, printable quizzes, phonic resources and lesson plans. Students can use this reading application to submit their work and note their progress. Teachers too can access this, view reports and schedule assignments.
iPad app for classroom learning

Assignments made fun! PC: mzstatic


  1. Paper: This application by FiftyThree helps students create interesting diagrams, charts, and presentations. It is an ideal method for students to express their ideas in the form of graphics. Extremely user-friendly and loaded with options – this app boosts imagination, creativity and organization skills of students.


iPad app for classroom learning

Visually appealing graphs, charts and more! PC: mzstatic


  1. Tiny Tap: Educational games and interactive lessons are the key features that have made this a popular app. Students can create their own games complete with questions, answers, videos and audio. They can also access the app’s Creativity Museum which holds a number of games and books.
    iPad app for classroom learning

    Students can unleash their creative side and learn more! PC: mzstatic


  1. instaGrok: Students can research any topic on this educational research tool. Its USP? It presents information in an intensely engaging and visual way. The presentation is in the form of an interactive concept map (grok). Students can also pin their selected material and note down important points in the built-in journal.


iPad app for classroom learning

An engaging and comprehensive research app. PC: wrteacher


  1. Math 42: This handy app has an overwhelming 380+ exercises per math topic! If that wasn’t enough, it provides step-by-step solutions to problems, practice tests, and instant progress feedback. It covers everything from fractions to polynomials. It can be accessed offline too.
iPad app for classroom learning

Learning maths is made easy. PC: mzstatic


  1. Book Creator for iPad: Assignments and projects are a big part of a student’s life. Creating e-books for their projects is an ideal way to mix learning, creativity and fun. Students can easily create their e-book journal on any topic with the wide range of features, and share it instantly through popular cloud services or email.
iPad app for classroom learning

Doing projects in a new, fun way! PC: mzstatic


  1. inClass: This all-in-one tool covers assignment schedules, class recording (video, audio and photo), and has an in-built note-taking tool. Sharing notes is easy as is backing up data. No more missing out on notes and assignment submissions now.
iPad app for classroom learning

The All-in-one Classroom tool for students. PC: mzstatic


  1. Wordflex Touch Dictionary: A dictionary that stands out for its visual appeal and aesthetics, this dictionary app redefines the Oxford Dictionary. Utilizing the iPad’s multi-touch gestures, this is an interactive way for students to learn and explore the gamut of English language. Its approach increases learning power with its intuitive nature.
iPad app for classroom learning

An interactive dictionary to improve students vocabulary. PC: mzstatic


There are several other equally note-worthy apps for learning through an iPad. I have selected the above 10 iPad apps based on their utility, learning support, and reviews.

Which iPad app for learning tops your list? Do share with me!

Vanessa is a passionate writer with a deep interest in technology innovation in education. She loves to dabble in philosophy and life and turn her observations into flowing words. She is a regular blogger at My School Campus and the wordsmith behind a lot of stuff on our site.